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How shopping saves the planet

During the last nine months, Dune7 has been privileged to spend time with climate strategist and social justice pioneer Michel Gelobter. Michel is cofounder of climate tech company Cooler. Hear Michel talk about some of the key topics that make him tick, including: the power of conscious consumerism in driving change beyond the voting booth; common misconceptions around carbon offsets; the concept of reuse and communities of color in the outdoors. This podcast comes courtesy of Outside Business Journal.

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Bringing access & inclusivity to travel

The pandemic has forced us to think differently about a lot of things that we take for granted,  travel being one of them. Join Brittany Palmer, founder and CEO of online experiences and virtual travel platform Beeyonder, as she speaks to our friends at Afar. Brittany is bringing travel to some of the 40 million Americans who are inhibited from traveling due to a medical condition or disability. As a bilateral amputee, Brittany has overcome many challenges in her own life and is dedicated to helping others overcome similar obstacles to in-person travel. Her vision is to bring equal access to travel to all, with a focus on the elderly.


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