7 Minutes With is a thought provoking interview series hosted by Dune7 cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer, Jared Alster.

Yes, there's a lot of content out there and it seems everyone has a podcast these days. This is not that.

Instead, the series will deliver real insights and stimulating anecdotes from travel tech and tourism industry leaders. Formatted for brevity and impact, with content-overload attention spans in mind, join us as we tackle some of the industry’s hyper-relevant topics and get the inside track from the people shaping current trends. 

For our third episode, we welcome Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures, the corporate startup investment program of Amadeus IT Group. Suzanna is responsible for overall investment direction and the group's financial and strategic outcomes. She works with startups worldwide on technologies relevant for airlines, airports, accommodations, travel agencies, rail and urban mobility companies.

Hear from Suzanna on:

  • The state of global venture investment
  • What to make of the recent performance of newly public travel tech companies
  • The web3 revolution and what it really means for the travel industry
  • The sectors that Amadeus Ventures is currently bullish on
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