We are joining with Tourism Declares and the growing number of individuals, travel companies, and nation states, in acknowledging that there is a climate emergency and it is time to act. There is no better place to start than by taking affirmative climate action on our very own doorstep.

Science-based Targets

We acknowledge the IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 2030 targets, needed to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030, to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming.

The consequences of global warming are overwhelmingly evident in our planet’s declining health and biodiversity -  the acidifying oceans, the melting Arctic, our dying coral reefs, and burning forests. The full impact of a warming planet is still unknown. However, it is obvious that the threats will include devastation to crops, food and water insecurity for communities across the world, and the economic disruption that follows. We simply cannot continue business as usual. 

Dune7's founders have witnessed first-hand the alarming and devastating consequences of climate change. Whether this be the dramatic sea level rise that threatens our coastal cities (we say this as residents of New York, and prior residents of San Francisco and Miami). We’ve seen the aftermath of wildfires of historic proportions in Northern California, that seem to get worse each year. The signs could not be more telling. 

2021 is the year of climate change

At the time of writing, there is a change of administration here in the United States which will see the world’s largest economy rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. This gives cause for hope. But this does not put us in the clear. The US and China’s pledges combined still only bring us to somewhere between 25-40% of where we need to be to limit heating to the 1.5 degrees target.

The responsibility falls upon us as citizens, as businesses, and as representatives of the carbon-intensive travel industry, to lead by example and to make a difference, starting now.

We have drafted the following action plan to be part of the solution: 


We will take measures to reduce our footprint each year as part of our action plan and share the results with anyone who requests them. 


  • Utilize rail as primary method of travel for all domestic business trips under 225 miles
  • Use public transport for all local work-related trips when possible - including daily commuting and meetings
  • Conduct client meetings via conference call when possible, to reduce the need for physical travel
  • Improve the energy efficiency of our home offices by using energy efficient appliances and renewable energy sources where possible.


We will work with our clients and partners to encourage them to make their own declaration within the Tourism Declares community. Additionally, we will share best practice tools and solutions with the wider travel industry.

As channel partner for carbon reduction solution provider Cooler, we are actively involved in helping brands measure and neutralize their carbon footprints.

The deeper we dug into the challenges and solutions around climate change, the more we realized the absence of a panacea. Offset solutions are popular in our industry, and while definitely important, do not provide the scale and immediacy required to help us hit our collective 2030 targets. 


Dune7 is the exclusive channel partner for climate technology company Cooler. Cooler helps brands and consumers neutralize the impact of their sales and purchases, respectively, by stopping pollution at the source. In doing so, we are helping brands shape their sustainability strategies, and work towards becoming carbon neutral, while taking direct action on tackling climate change.

To learn more, see how Dune7 + Cooler are helping travel brands to achieve their carbon neutrality goals or contact us at cooler@dune7.co 

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