For tour and activity operators, the world has changed in an instant. The global tourism industry is experiencing perhaps the most significant threat in modern times. However, there are actionable steps operators can take to mitigate the damage and prepare for the eventual recovery.

*this content originally appeared as part of a webinar in partnership with Peek Pro.

Content Marketing & Communication Action Points

  1. Reengage by devising a Content Calendar including new and revised landing pages and content plans. Consider: Blog, Social and Newsletter with relevant and meaningful narratives for your existing and new audiences.
  2. Conduct a content audit across images, blog and video. What should stay? What should go? Content harvesting programs across customers and partners for images, video and reviews. Look at any existing stockpile of ‘user generated content.’
  3. Learn how to measure and plan SEO performance. Big opportunity for acquiring leads and revenue, but takes months to see ROI. 
  4. Learn to love data: analyze and take stock of how paid and content has worked. Set up Google Analytics and get a primer on how to interpret data. 
  5. Mix it up: consider new distribution channels, with focus on direct. Look at booking platforms such as Peek Pro to facilitate online booking to boost direct channel.
  6. Show advocacy for local businesses through events and partnership outreach. Targets to consider: CVBs, DMOs, hotel groups, other activity and tour operators. 

Product & Operational Action Points 

  1. Go local and hyperlocal: audit and alter product to address new local and staycation markets 
  2. Product Pivot: Take note of product pivots from other players e.g. Walks and Context
  3. Pricing: Consider pricing initiatives carefully and entertain ways to add value
  4. Consider M&A: strength in numbers and cheap acquisition targets 

Pricing DOs 

  • A deep dive on your costing sheets
  • Conduct a competitive analysis  
  • Ask suppliers or vendors for temporary discounts
  • Bundle products to provide added value
  • Provide variable pricing based on capacity – option to ‘go private’ (for tours) 

 Pricing DO NOTs

  • Default to discounting right away
  • Start a price war in your local market – few can survive this
  • Set it and forget it – everything is fluid!  

Helpful Links

Creative product pivot examples and crisis response:

Self guided, virtual, and audio tours:

Resources for small tour and activity businesses:

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